TableVision Launches New In-App Cropper Functionality

Announcing TableVision’s new functionality the ‘in-app cropper’. An in-built pre-processor functionality that supports easy selection and cropping of images.
TableVision’s state-of-the-art deep-learning models help to process accounting, statistical, financial, and educational images in real-time to formats such as HTML, XLSX and also auto-generates alternative text.
TableVision’s powerful AI-driven OCR engine accurately recognizes the content preserving the structure and exports to the supported editable formats for further modifications. The in-app cropper functionality will be useful for users who work with big sets of data to convert multiple tabular contents from large size images through a single interface.

1. Upload the image
2. Initialize the cropper

3. Select the portion to be parsed
4. Image Optimized for parsing
TableVision provides users with an easy-to-use tabular image parsing service that is accurate, faster, and cost-effective. With a simple API or service interface, TableVision allows for seamless integrations to any external applications.
Watch how the tabular content of various complexities are converted to its consumable equivalents using TableVision, here.
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